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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası


Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Dear current and prospective students,

We started the 2010-2011 Academic Year with the departments of Economics, Business Administration, International Trade and Logistics. With the inclusion of the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, and the Department of Psychology we have increased  the number of our departments to five. I wish each of them good luck. Our faculty provides quality education and actively takes part in important scientific research and projects.

• Training personnel and scientists that will work in competitive economies on a global scale,
• Analyzing the complex and ever-changing structure of markets and economies,
• Developing all kinds of research and publication activities to determine policies and strategies for the solution of economic and social problems,
• Being respectful of basic human rights and freedom, social and moral values and environmental concerns,
• Training graduates who can think liberally and critically; who use what they have learnt effectively in problem solving and decision making;  who are respectful of ethical values and compatible with global structures,
• Developing scientific, intellectual and cultural relations with national and overseas universities, other research organizations and the various segments of society.

Worldwide trends and developments require giving special attention to the fields of education of economics and administrative sciences. Our syllabuses have been designed diligently to enable our students to have an understanding of the global world, to develop policies, to learn how to manage business effectively and to secure a good job after they graduate.
The universality of science, global competition and cross-border interactions require international experience and a good knowledge of at least one foreign language. Our students attain a high level of English competency through an excellent preparatory school, receive the opportunity to study English overseas, and can benefit from the cross-cultural experience that the Erasmus Exchange Program has to offer. Not to mention the “ready-made” opportunity available on campus to learn a variety of Eastern and Western languages spoken by staff and students.
The seminars delivered by experts of various fields, industrial applications including observation of workplaces and internship programs, as well as friendly collaborations established with various national and international institutions and organizations combine together to enable our students to enter the workforce with greater ease. In this way, we prepare them better for their lives post-graduation.
Our students’ enthusiasm for and critical approach towards learning, their inquisitive minds and quick grasp of the theory-practice relationship, assists us to achieve our collective goals.  I welcome each our new students again and wish you good luck for the Academic Year ahead.